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Breeding stock sales
Pricing Policy:
All commercial Boer bucklings are $150, and commercial Boer doelings are $200.  Fullblood
Boer bucklings and doelings will range from $300-$850, which includes ABGA registration.  50% Savanna kids will be $250, regardless of gender.  75%-88% Savanna kids will be $350.  A 30% deposit is required to hold kids until weaning, with the remainder due at pickup.     
Click here for kids we have been able to get pictures of so far.
Commercial Does
New kids due April 2015!


Fullblood Boer Does
EDW2 Enchanted (DOB:  29 Apr 13)
EDW2 Jump Shot
EDW2 TBD (DOB:  17 Mar 14)
Fireball's Hoss
Commercial Bucks
Green 1419 (DOB:  19 Mar 14)Mincey 5750% Savanna/50% Boer$200
Green 1420 (DOB:  19 Mar 14)Mincey 5750% Savanna/50% Boer$200
Green 1441 (DOB:  25 Mar 14)
75% Savanna/25% Kiko
Fullblood Boer Bucks
 EDW2 Power Slam
 EDW2 Jump Shot
URBG Fireball's Hoss
Livestock Guardians
About once a year we have a litter of Maremma/Akbash cross livestock guardian dog pups for sale. 
Meat Sales
We believe that an animal tastes better if it has lived stress-free from birth to slaughter, and this superior taste is apparent in our meat.
Our goats are raised in the fresh air out on pasture planted specifically for their dining pleasure.  Over winter, they are supplemented with locally grown hay.  They always have constant access to clean water and goat minerals.  Raised correctly, goat meat is a lean, flavorful, and tender product.  While some goat meat, especially meat that is frozen and imported, tends to be a tougher and stronger-flavored, we have consciously bred our meat to stand out from the crowd.  We use a heavy Boer goat influence, which changes the taste of the meat to a milder, more veal-like flavor.  We add Savanna influence to ensure hardiness without the use of wormers or antibiotics.  The Savanna blood also ensures consistency in the quality of our kids, crop after crop.
For chevon (goat) meat purchases, please just let us know weight preference, breed preference (if any) and gender preference (if any).  You can also choose if you want a 100% grass-fed animal, or if you prefer the flavor of one that's been grain-finished (30 days notice required for grain finishing).   Price for chevon is $3.99/lb of live weight.  This price includes processing and packaging.
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