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Edwards Goat Farm began in 2007 as Edwards Boer Goats outside San Antonio, TX.  Since moving to Missouri in the spring of 2011, we have added Savanna and Kiko bloodlines into our herd in order to increase parasite resistance in our commercial animals.  Currently, the primary goal of our breeding program is to develop commercial does capable of raising 2-3 fast gaining kids per year with very limited maintenance input by the producer.  We still maintain a small, selective and high-quality fullblood Boer herd as well, with 2 fullblood bucks and approximately 10 fullblood does. 
We require that all our does, whether commercial or fullblood, maintain their condition on pasture (and hay during the winter).  Does are only supplemented with grain every other day during the last 30 days of gestation.  Minerals are available to our does at all times.  
We get a lot of questions about our Savanna goats, as there are not many yet in the United States.  Like Boer goats, they are native to South Africa, but the Savanna is not just a white version of a Boer.  Savanna goats are known for their extreme hardiness, parasite resistance and superior mothering abilities.  In September 2011, we purchased our first fullblood Savanna buck and were impressed with the results of crossing him with our Boer and Kiko does.  We added two more  fullblood Savanna bucks to our herd in January 2012, one of which was an offspring of the Mincey Savanna Project to bring the first new Savanna genetics to the U.S. from South Africa in over a decade. 
In December 2011 we received our Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) certification!  The AWA program  audits and certifies family farms raising their animals humanely, outdoors on pasture or range. AWA has been recognized as having the most rigorous standards for farm animal welfare currently in use by any United States organization.  The slaughter facility we use to process our goats is also an AWA-recommended slaughter facility.
Doe herd in the pasture with our LGD keeping watch.
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